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Accelerate your career in Information Technology to help boost and build your future in IT sector Our courses are offered in two methods of learning, online and blended learning. If engrossed, contact us now for more information.
Our courses are affordable, facile, and didactic
  • Flexible Submissions- Self Progression based Course
  • Price Promise- No hidden charges-No Extra Fee
  • Best Service Throughout the Course
  • Price Promise- No hidden charges-No Extra Fee
  • Free Library
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Tutor Support
  • 24/7 Portal access
  • Government approved Ofqual regulated qualification

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Low Course fee

Starting from £700
Pay with an Installment plan starting from £250 (Advance payment only)

You can choose to pay with the installment plan from either 3 , 6 or 9 months payment options.
The course is available in 2 duration modes:
• 6 months (Fast-track)
• 9 months (Standard mode)


Only Assignment Submission

No exams

Payment options

Pay the fee in easy (interest free) installments.

You can choose to pay with the installment plan from either 3 , 6 or 9 months payment options.

Online and flexible

Study anywhere, anytime and on any device. Just download all the study materials to your chosen implement, complete the assignments, and submit online when equipped.

Who we are?

London College of Professional Studies specialises in distance learning online, with an option for blended learning programmes which allow you to gain globally recognised qualifications. We are based in London and have an immense majority of students from all over the World.

Our own educational aspirations are achieved by the provision of courses from some of the most progressive awarding bodies by the UK’s best universities. Our diligence and dedication means that we can provide you with outstanding education and training. Together, our hard work and assiduity means that you will possess a qualification that is well recognised and widely regarded. This facilitates career progression and additional benefits will accumulate; a better salary, more security, as well as being appreciated by your employers more who will value your educational attainment.

We can provide you with a wide range of vocational courses and offer you the opportunity to pay in a payment scheme that you are comfortable and content with. Flexibility is a key trait for us, and we will always continue to offer it.

Having a wide range of courses to choose from will enable you to consider your selection more meticulously and push you to commit to a programme of study that will be specifically of your interest, allowing you to relish it more.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Learn it’s the only way forward’.