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Level 7 Diploma In Accounting & Finance


The OTHM Level 7 Online Diploma in Accounting & Finance course is one of the best courses to study at LCPS College. This course, which is essential to corporate operations, is intended for professionals in accounting and finance. The capacity to manage, plan, and account for money is still the gold standard of company success and the primary engine of growth in all industries, from banking to manufacturing to large service sectors to small firms. Although many accountants hold important managerial positions in businesses, very few of them are capable managers. There is a significant need for qualified individuals who can collaborate flexibly in teams across organisational boundaries in the increasingly complicated modern corporate environment.


The objective of this Online Diploma in Accounting & Finance qualification is to provide learners with an understanding of:

  • Contemporary and specialised approaches to accountancy and finance
  • Key practical, theoretical, and empirical issues, and academic research
  • The complexity of the ever-changing legal framework in which the financial sector operates
  • The latest developments in accountancy and reporting required by local, national, and European government.
  • This qualification is designed for learners who wish to pursue a career in the financial services industry, professional accountancy, banking and finance or management.
  • The qualification equips learners with the essential skills and knowledge needed to pursue high level careers in all types of organisations in the public and private sector and within industry and commerce, both in the UK and abroad.
  • The Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance qualification also provides learners with the opportunity to work toward a relevant Master’s programme with advanced standing.

Delivery Methods

Learners London College of Professional Studies can access blended learning, online diploma experience, remote learning, and in-person learning, among other flexible delivery modalities. The study method can be chosen by the students as it suits them.


The OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Accounting & Finance is available in 2 duration modes:

  • 5 Month
  • 9 Month


This Level 7 Diploma in Accounting & Finance is accredited by Ofqual Awarding body (OTHM).

OTHM Qualifications

Course Delivery

The Diploma in Accounting & Finance programme Level 7 is delivered in 2 methods:

  • Online
  • In-Class Learning

Entry Requirements

For entry onto the OTHM Online Diploma in Accounting & Finance course, learners must possess:

  • An Honours’ degree in a related subject or a UK level 6 diploma or an equivalent overseas qualification.

Module Structure

The Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance qualification consists of 6 mandatory units.

Unit Ref. No. Mandatory Units Credit GLH TQT
R/615/3236 Investment Analysis 20 100 200
Y/615/3237 Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance 20 100 200
D/615/3238 Global Finance and Strategy 20 100 200
H/615/3242 Strategic Financial Management 20 100 200
Y/615/3240 Strategic Audit 20 100 200
D/615/3241 Corporate Reporting 20 100 200


With the Online Level 7 Diploma in Accounting & Finance certificate, students can advance into or within the workforce or continue their education. Many universities in the UK and abroad allow students with advanced standing to move on to a Master’s Top-up  programme.


Assessment is via assignment submission.

No Exams

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