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Online BA (Hons) Business Management (University of Essex)


You may increase your knowledge, skills, and grasp of the strategic and global aspects of business and management with the help of this Online BA (Hons) in Business Management degree from the University of Essex. You will learn the skills required to evaluate concepts and business models critically and apply them in real-world settings. Pursue an Online BA (Hons) in Business Management at LCPS College (University of Essex).

By successfully finishing this degree, you will be able to enter a wide range of jobs in the business and management sector, including account management, finance, project management, marketing, advertising, consulting, and many more. For students wishing to advance their education, this Online BA (Hons) in Business and Management degree programme provides a stepping stone to future postgraduate study. The University of Essex offers an online BA (Hons) in business management.


With the help of this part-time, 100% Online BA (Hons) in Corporate and Management from the University of Essex Online, you will be able to adapt to the ever-changing business world.

As you develop the broad skill set needed for every great manager, you will look at real-world business problems. This is becoming more and more significant in the current business environment, where a high level of adaptability and skill is demanded, not just in terms of leadership but also in areas like project management and budgeting.

Your degree will be awarded by the University of Essex, one of the top 30 universities in the UK with a 50-year history of outstanding instruction and research, when you have successfully completed all of your coursework and exams online (Complete University Guide 2022). You will graduate with the same diploma as students who took classes on campus, with the exception that your mode of study will only be recognised on your academic record.

From the time of your enrollment until graduation, you will have the assistance of a dedicated Student Support team and study skills specialists. They will guide you while you complete your schoolwork and aid in the improvement of your academic abilities. You can also turn to module tutors who are top authorities and authorities in their fields for any questions relating to a certain subject. Because of offerings like these, the University of Essex Online got the highest overall student satisfaction score of 89% of any completely online provider in the National Student Survey (NSS 2020).


The duration of this Online BA (Hons) in Business and Management (University of Essex) is 4 years.

Course Delivery

The programme delivery mode:

  • Online and part-time

Entry Requirements

In order to apply you should have either:

Relevant NQF/QCF/RQF

Module Structure

The following modules make up this bachelor’s degree in business and management, which when finished will total 360 credits.

Level 4 modules:

Level 5 modules:

Level 6 modules:

* These modules are core and must be passed in order to achieve the award

Teaching Methods and Style

A cutting-edge virtual learning environment (VLE) is used by The University of Essex Online, a provider of entirely online education, to deliver its lessons, resources, and tests. Your learning resources are immediately accessible through their solution, and the learning process is tracked and managed in real-time. The VLE is accessible 24/7 and enables both students and tutors to actively participate in live Q&As and in-person discussions.

Only English is used to give each lesson.


As a result of the skills you have acquired in this business and management course, your thoughts and ideas will assume a new perspective and a new direction. When faced with a challenge or decision, you become more practical and reasonable in your approach. Additionally, it aids in your comprehension of the interconnectedness of various organisational operations, which will always put you ahead of the competitors in real-world workplace situations.

Due to a lack of professional certificates, people also experience employment stagnation (BA). BA has become the norm due to the advantage it offers to professionals.

A BA degree can provide access to successful careers. Your knowledge and skill set will be expanded by earning a BA, which will also increase your chances of success and career growth.


Every test is administered using the online learning environment (VLE). There is no requirement to visit or take tests at other test sites. Instead, you will submit all of your assignments—including written reports, participation in online forums, and entries in your reflective journal—via the VLE.

The University of Essex Online also has a policy to ensure that the work submitted by students is original; to do this, they use a long-standing electronic monitoring system to check for plagiarism.


The BA (Hons) Business and Management programme is delivered by the University of Essex Online.


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Not sure how these qualifications translate to the UK equivalents, but this is the entry criteria we have for this programme:

Academic entry route

You must have the following qualifications as a minimum:

  • two A-levels or equivalent

Work experience entry route

You must meet the following criteria:

  • GCSE Maths and English at grade C or above, or equivalent
  • three years relevant work experience

English language requirement

  • IELTS (Academic) score of 6.0 or equivalent.
  • If you don’t hold an IELTS or equivalent qualification, you will be required to pass a free online English test to assess your proficiency.

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